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Seven Reasons to Champion for Human Cloning

Are wondering what a human clone is? Human cloning refers to the development of offspring that have the same genes as their parents. Twins are an excellent example of clones. Before humans were cloned, researchers began with sheep. Even though cloning is opposed by some people because of ethical concerns, presented below are some of the reasons why it should be encouraged.


Genetic diseases

If you are suffering from some genetic diseases, the chances that you might pass them to your young ones via genes are extremely high. The only way you can prevent your kid from suffering from such illnesses, you can consider human cloning. It will enhance the quality of life that they will live since they will be normal and healthy.


Statistics show that between 8 and 12% of couples cannot conceive a child. Cloning provides an efficient issue to this problem by allowing infertile couples to have babies. Gone are the heydays when you had to deal with the headache that comes mong infertile couples. Furthermore, the parents can choose the characteristics that they want their children to have like green eyes, blonde hair, high IQ, to mention a few.


Reversing aging

Do you want to look young? Have you tried almost everything to look young but you still look ten years older than your real age? According to researchers, the production of a clone tissue can help you look younger. The experts hope that human cloning will soon be used as a remedy to reverse the process of aging.


Eradicate birth defects

Some birth defects are caused by genetics and are normally prevented by abortion. However, not everyone likes the idea of killing a defenseless baby just because of some genetic problems. Scientists clone healthy cells that they will use to replace the defective genes in the foetus. Apart from eliminating genetic defects, human cloning can also reduce cases of unwanted pregnancies that lead to abortions.


Prolong life

If you want to live longer, human cloning can make your dreams come true. It allows stem cells to be used to regenerate tissues and cells on aging people. The grand news is that apart from looking younger, such people have a stronger immune system and properly functioning organs. Those who advocate for human cloning think that cloning can make it possible to prolong the lives of those who have contributed to society like Issac Newton, Einstein, and others.


Quick injury recovery

If you are injured due to accidents or sports, it might take longer for the injury to heal to allow you to get back to your original state. Human cloning can reduce injury recovery time significantly, and quick healing will color.


Organ production

If you need an organ, you might not get it on time because finding a compatible donor is not easy. Human cloning can be used in the production of organs that can be transplanted to patients. Nobody, including you, should lose their lives to save another person. If you need a liver, cloning can be used to produce one so that you don’t have to pay with your life waiting for a donor.…